Founded in 2005, Mamma Team is one of Spain and Portugal’s leading production companies producing TV and Photo content for agencies, brands and production houses worldwide. Our strength lies in our producers and their experience in putting together the best teams for each project. We have a double goal: not just getting our clients to come back to us, but also making our teams feel at home. This is Mamma Team, because without the best teams you can’t work with the best clients.

This is what we can do:

· We have our own team of national and international directors, producing worldwide for agencies and brands.

· We offer services to production companies from all over the world to shoot in Spain and Portugal.

· We are Spain’s benchmark for fashion production, having worked with the most renowned photographers and brands, providing services in Spain, Portugal and worldwide.

· We are pioneers in providing production for content and fiction to major film studios, successfully managing Spain’s tax rebate.

· We create and produce our own content across digital platforms for all types of brands.

· Finally, Mamma Team also has its own event department producing throughout all of Spain and Portugal.

Our offices


The team

Albert Soler
Cofounder Partner / MD
Toni Schulz
Cofounder Partner / EP
Alex Tarraga
Partner / EP
Carla Genoud
Executive Producer / Service
Claudia Mayer
Executive Producer
Marta Calheiros
Executive Producer / MD | Lisbon
Telmo Saldaña
Carla Ansa
Photo / Producer
Giorgio Mugnai
Producer / ArtBuyer
Pau Bassedas
Tània Ruiz
Norma Marcos
Head of Production
Júlia Cayetano-Díaz
Nina Hörbelt
Alicia Teruel
Photo / Production Manager
Julien Betoret
Partner / Post Supervisor
David Yago
Financial Director
Luciana Cilento
Administration Department
Xavi Ponsa
Location Department
Òscar Gómez
Location Manager
Laura Vozmediano
Art Director / Creative Researcher
Madalena de Castro
PA TO EP/ Prod Assistant
Patrycja Jamroziak
Office Manager / Production Assistant